Keychron Custom Coiled Aviator Cable

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Keychron custom coiled cable has grey, black, and blue color options to select.


Keychron Custom Coiled Aviator Cable 

Whether you’re looking to match your keyboard or simply keep track of its cord, the Custom Coiled Aviator USB Cable from Keychron is a flexible and durable choice for any setup.

A stretchable coiled construction allows for easy integration onto desk spaces large and small, which is an excellent design for today's keyboard.

Available with a type-C connector, the custom cable features a detachable aviator port to support a wide range of solid connections. 

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Aviator Port: 5 Pin (GX12)
Connection Type: type-C cable + type-A to type-C adapter 
Compatible Keyboards: Q1, C1 and C2
Coil Length: 46 cm
Normal Length: 90 cm
Total Length: 136 cm 

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