Kailh Switch Buying Guide (Including Kailh regular switch and Kailh Box switch)

We recently released the Kailh switch series and we're taking the opportunity today to talk more about these Kailh switches.

Kailh is also one of the renowned mechanical switch manufacturers and it is known for a huge range of different mechanical switches like box switches, speed switches, low profile, and a good deal of specialty switches at affordable prices. For today, we will focus on the Kailh regular switch and Kailh Box switch. 

Kailh Regular Switch

The Kailh Regular Switch includes the most popular red, blue and brown options, which comes with a MX-style stem and a variety of typing experiences. 

Kailh Red Switch

Other switch brands like Gateron or Cherry's red switches deliver a linear typing feel and a classic typing sound. However, the operating force of Kailh red is about 50 gf, which is 5 gf higher than other red switches on the market. That means it might require a bit more pressure to actuate compared to other reds. 

Kailh Blue Switch

These clicky blue switches are very well made by Kailh. The Kailh blue's operating force is 60 gf, similar to other normal blues but the Kailh blue switch has a better and more satisfying click sound because . So if you prefer a clicky response, then the Kailh blue should be in your on the top of your switch list.

Kailh Brown Switch

The brown switch is loved by many keyboard enthusiasts for its unique tactile actuation, and the Kailh browns are no different. With 60 gf operating force, you may notice that the brown switch is also a bit heavier than other normal browns, but the Kailh browns are heavy and offers great tactility. 

Kailh Regular Switch

It is pretty easy to identify a Kailh Box Switch, just look at the box design around the cross stem. This box protects the switch from dust and moisture as well as provides an easy transition to fit any keycaps that you might like to customize. It is worth mentioning that the box design works perfectly with your keycaps to greatly reduce any wobbleness and enhance your typing experience.

Each box switch has the same travel and actuation distance: 1.8mm for actuation and 3.6mm in total; which is a little shorter than the regular switches. You can feel a bit of difference when it comes to speed.

Kailh Box Red

The 45 gf operating force and actuation response of box reds is pretty much similar with the Cherry red or Gateron red. But because of the Kailh's box design, the bottom out sounds and feels better. The box reds are smooth and solid linear switches. 

Kailh Box Brown

Once you try the box brown for a while, you will soon notice that they are more moderate in tactility since the actuation is 10 gf less than other brown switches on the market. People usually feel a smoother and pleasant experience using them.

Kailh Box White

Box white is a clicky switch, like we talked about previously. This clicky switch is well made by Kailh. The box white will get your attention by their sound and feel compared to that of the normal blues. With the box design and a 45 gf operating force, which is 15 gf less than the normal blues, the clicks are higher pitched than Gateron blues or Cherry blues. However, the box whites's actuation and click are just extra crispy and clicky and there is no rattle, a lot of people enjoy the tactile feedback about them. 

Kailh makes many different types of switches and each switch has their own usage. We think that the Box series are really innovative and practical and the Kailh Regular switches are a decent and cost-effective choice to start down this rabbit hole of mechanical switches. Try the different Kailh switches and develop a preference for yourself.